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Freelance French designer with an unpronounceable name, I am driven by curiosity and experimentation. I graduated with honors from HEAD-Geneva in 2015, right before the travel bug hit me. Since 2016, I am on an ongoing collaboration with swiss graphic designer Dimitri Delcourt. In 2017, I have also spent half a year working at LUST in The Netherlands. I have developed a strong interest in social and cultural fields, and I particularly enjoy working on joint and interdisciplinary projects. I am always looking for challenges – from traditional print work to interactive, computer-driven experiences.


Pushing Schrödinger’s cat experiment ever further, I am currently being both in Grenoble (FR) and Geneva (CH). It can also happen that I am anywhere else in the world, actually quite often in Den Haag (NL)

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Alice et le minautore

2015 — CH — team project with Murielle Brunschwig, Dimitri Delcourt, David Hodgetts, Natalie Meystre, Xavier Righetti, Maha Zein, Julien Andrey for Museomix Hackathon
App and card game created and prototyped within two days of hackathon to rethink how the public visits museums.

The project «Alice and the Minautor» was developed in three days, during a hackathon in MAH (Museum of Art and History) of Geneva.
A hackathon is a sprint-like event gathering people from diverse backgrounds and making them collaborate intensively on a (tech) project.
The specific goal of this museomix hackathon was to dust off museums, and to give visitors the opportunity to discover History and objects in another way.
Within a small multidisciplinary team, we discussed topics such as objects values, random paths, and change of viewpoints. In the end we designed a subversive and poetic journey, supported by an app and a card game. Hypertextualisation, absurdity and suggestions for new museum routes – both personal and nonlinear – constituted the core of our approach.

Our project was then selected to be presented at LIFT-conference-Geneva 2015


Find more information (in french) on the project page and information about museomix in general here

Hackathon work in progress
Interaction scheme Alice et le minotaure
Alice et le Minautore - E-Beacon and App
Alice et le minautore presentation
Museomix work in progress
Alice et le Minautore - Card Game

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