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Freelance French designer with an unpronounceable name, I am driven by curiosity and experimentation. I graduated with honors from HEAD-Geneva in 2015, right before the travel bug hit me. Since 2016, I am on an ongoing collaboration with swiss graphic designer Dimitri Delcourt. In 2017, I have also spent half a year working at LUST in The Netherlands. I have developed a strong interest in social and cultural fields, and I particularly enjoy working on joint and interdisciplinary projects. I am always looking for challenges – from traditional print work to interactive, computer-driven experiences.


Pushing Schrödinger’s cat experiment ever further, I am currently being both in Grenoble (FR) and Geneva (CH). It can also happen that I am anywhere else in the world, actually quite often in Den Haag (NL)

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Data ouvre-toi

2015 — CH — bachelor project
Hybrid website aiming at raising public awareness toward open data through guided narrative experience and motion design.
Schéma explicatif de la place du projet

What is open data? How does this movement can help us and improve our daily lives? We have a tool to understand our society better , how should we use it?


These were the questions I faced after spending several months doing theoretical research on open data (available in french ). My main conclusion was pointing at the lack of public awareness , and that there is a gap between two worlds that could grow from each other.
Thus, the goal of my bachelor’s graduation project was to popularize open data, and help the broadest public possible to figure out what it is and what it means. In order to do so, I worked closely with open data experts and activists, especially in french and swiss hubs.


Inspired by webdocumentaries and enriched with animations, this hybrid website is a gateway to the world of open data. The way the story was told was an essential aspect for me , in part because I am deeply interested in how to provide people with information in an intelligent and efficient manner.

Thought-out, designed and programmed as a didactic platform, the visit starts with an introductory motion design fully integrated in the website. The user then chooses which perspective interests him the most and is then free to explore each subject. Each point of view on open data brings in different themes and has a special lightning. Interested in knowing more about what changes open data brings to everyday life? There’s a path for that. Want to know more about the latest scientific innovations or wondering about their cultural implications? These are also entrance point you can start with.


The website is not online anymore, but you can get a glimpse of it through videos below. For any further information or discussion, feel free to contact me.

Explanation of how the workflow
Website visit - scrolling system

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