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Freelance French designer with an unpronounceable name, I am driven by curiosity and experimentation. I graduated with honors from HEAD-Geneva in 2015, right before the travel bug hit me. Since 2016, I am on an ongoing collaboration with swiss graphic designer Dimitri Delcourt. In 2017, I have also spent half a year working at LUST in The Netherlands. I have developed a strong interest in social and cultural fields, and I particularly enjoy working on joint and interdisciplinary projects. I am always looking for challenges – from traditional print work to interactive, computer-driven experiences.


Pushing Schrödinger’s cat experiment ever further, I am currently being both in Grenoble (FR) and Geneva (CH). It can also happen that I am anywhere else in the world, actually quite often in Den Haag (NL)

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Genève Villes et Champs

2014 — CH — team project supervised by Ruedi Baur & Imke Plinta for Genève Villes et Champs
Monumental signage in Geneva city for an event questionning rural and urban lifes.
Geneve Villes et Champs signage

During four months in the summer of 2014, the event « Genève Villes et Champs » was held in Geneva. Gathering 13 massive installations in as many different places in and around Geneva, it was questioning the duality between rural and urban world. With the ever rising demand of new housing, the issue is crucial for the city and its surroundings, as well as the need to open discussions about these forthcoming landscape transformations.

This large-scale event required an efficient and audacious signage system in order to allow visitors to easily travel between these 13 installations thanks to the several pedestrian, bicycle and bus routes. Our small team, led by Ruedi Baur and Imke Plinta, boldly decided that the signage system would be an installation itself, and the event’s fourteenth project.


The whole signage project took a year of hard work, including system conception, signs and tramway design, establishement choices, contacts and negociations with swiss public authorities and other collaborators, technical plans realisation and participation in signs construction.

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Photograph : Gabee

Geneve Villes et Champs signage
Geneve Villes et champs tram
Geneve Villes et Champs signage building
Geneve Villes et Champs Signage detail
Genève villes et champs
Genève villes et champs signage in the street
Geneve Villes et champs work

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