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Freelance French designer with an unpronounceable name, I am driven by curiosity and experimentation. I graduated with honors from HEAD-Geneva in 2015, right before the travel bug hit me. Since 2016, I am on an ongoing collaboration with swiss graphic designer Dimitri Delcourt. In 2017, I have also spent half a year working at LUST in The Netherlands. I have developed a strong interest in social and cultural fields, and I particularly enjoy working on joint and interdisciplinary projects. I am always looking for challenges – from traditional print work to interactive, computer-driven experiences.


Pushing Schrödinger’s cat experiment ever further, I am currently being both in Grenoble (FR) and Geneva (CH). It can also happen that I am anywhere else in the world, actually quite often in Den Haag (NL)

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2014 — CH — with Marion Saurel and Sivan Katz for Geneva History and Archeology Society
Time capsule to be opened in 2064 witnessing both nowasays internet use and personnal virtual identities.
Historique edition

In 2014, Geneva History and Archeology Society suggested us to take part in the creation of a time capsule to be opened in fifty years. This request raised questions relating to different fields, especially our contemporary use of the internet, as individuals and as witnesses of our time.

These leaflets were designed as a result, gathering internet screenshots and browsing history, and explained thanks to annotated tracing papers. They simultaneously display current web aesthetics, the way internet was browsed in 2014, the most commonly visited websites, among other habits.
Creating a materialized and annotated history is also a way to provide a lot of information on personal identities, and thus reflects our reality and everyday life back in time in a subjective manner.
This project aims to bring a personal perspective on digital lives in 2014, and will be revealed in 2064.


Press article about this time capsule (in french)

Historique edition
Historique edition detail
Historique edition
Historique edition

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