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Freelance French designer with an unpronounceable name, I am driven by curiosity and experimentation. I graduated with honors from HEAD-Geneva in 2015, right before the travel bug hit me. Since 2016, I am on an ongoing collaboration with swiss graphic designer Dimitri Delcourt. In 2017, I have also spent half a year working at LUST in The Netherlands. I have developed a strong interest in social and cultural fields, and I particularly enjoy working on joint and interdisciplinary projects. I am always looking for challenges – from traditional print work to interactive, computer-driven experiences.


Pushing Schrödinger’s cat experiment ever further, I am currently being both in Grenoble (FR) and Geneva (CH). It can also happen that I am anywhere else in the world, actually quite often in Den Haag (NL)

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2016/2017 — CH — with Dimitri Delcourt, David Hodgetts and Sylvain Hess for Geneva University of Social Sciences
Interactive installation which aims at opening discussions about migration in Switzerland.
Touch game for geneva 19e project

Poliscope is an interactive installation, at the crossroads of video game, data visualisation and pedagogic device.

The University of Geneva decided to create a tool, mainly addressed to teenagers and based upon the research of several PhD students. The goal:  broaden the debate on migration in Switzerland, too often focused around binary and short-sided arguments.

To meet this demand, we designed an interactive experience using gamification for providing the player with increasingly complex information.


Speaking specifically, each sub theme has its own world and atmosphere within the general low-poly aesthetic. Topography, population and emblematics characters bring singularity to the differents worlds. Depending on its purpose, each experience has its own game mechanisms and reasoning, while user interactions have direct effects on the game and on the informations displayed.

Several levels of informations allows users to find their own balance between playing and learning.

Our desire was to never dissociate the educative and entertainment aspects of the game, thus we designed an interface and typographic system that would allow for this integration


Considering the small size of our dream team and our shared desire to constantly try and experiment new ideas, each of us ended up working on many aspects of the project. Two of us worked on design (broadly speaking) and artistic direction. This included design of the games mechanics,experiments with Modo (3D software), the creation of a pixel-perfect typographic grid and the digital colorization of paper models.

Poliscope was a challenging and exciting project to work on, lasting for more than a year. This installation is currently being used in swiss schools.


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Poliscope installation in use
Touch game for ages pyramid projections project
Croquis préparatoires des mecanismes de jeux
Preliminatory paper work for creating poliscope worlds
Preliminatory paper work for creating poliscope worlds
Poliscope installation and furniture
Touch game for ages pyramid projections project
Student using poliscope installation

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